Smart City Asset Management

Over the years, municipalities and public administrations have implemented various digital services and computer infrastructures, for example, related to urban network infrastructures, video surveillance, ZTL (limited traffic zones) gates, IoT services, etc.

To improve the management of such services and infrastructures, there is a need to monitor the status through synoptic charts and control dashboards, allowing citizens to consult public utility information gathered from these systems. To meet these requirements, it is necessary to integrate existing computer systems and those to be implemented in the future with a platform that allows the collection of data from different channels and display on dashboards for quick consultation, also allowing the publication of some data of public interest. 

To this end, the Municipality of Cuneo has used the Snap4City platform provided by SNAP4 to aggregate various data channels of the computer infrastructure to produce and deliver control panels (dashboards) for use by public operators and decision-makers, which can allow data to be in a single point of aggregation, vision, monitoring, reasoning, and action/decision. 

The system is integrated with the video surveillance infrastructure of the Municipality of Cuneo and supports the management of about 800 cameras through the verification of their operational status and the historization of alarms. The integration also includes support for the management of 250 network switches, 100 UPS, and the integration of data from about 60 vehicle counting gates. 

Furthermore, SNAP4 provided 2 thermal cameras that have been installed by the Municipality of Cuneo for monitoring people flows in areas of particular interest. The solution with thermal cameras was developed with the support of DAI S.R.L., a startup born within the University of Florence specializing in AI and video analysis (for more details, see: