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Smart Applications and
Decision Support Solutions

SNAP4 technologies cope with
•any data, format
•any channel, protocol
•any AI/ML
•any place
•online development
•Secure, PENTest
•GDPR, privacy
•à low costs
•à easy to evolve

Standards and Interoperability

Compliant back and forward with: AMQP, COAP, MQTT, OneM2M, HTTP, HTTPS, TLS, Rest Call, SMTP, TCP, UDP, NGSI, LoRa, LoRaWan, TheThingsNetwork, SigFOX, DATEX II, SOAP, WSDL, Twitter, FaceBook, Telegram, SMS, OLAP, MySQL, Mongo, HBASE, SOLR, SPARQL, EMAIL, FTP, FTPS, WebSocket, WebSocket Secure, ModBUS, OPC/OPC-UA, GML, RS485, RS232, WFS, WMS, ODBC, JDBC, Elastic Search, Phoenix, XML, JSON, CSV, GeoTIFF, OWL, WKT, KML, SHP, db, GeoJSON, Enfuser FMI, Android, Raspberry Pi, Local File System, ESP32, Libelium, IBIMET/IBE, OBD2, SVG, XLS, XLSX, TXT, HTML, CSS, KNX, Enocean, Zigbee, DALI, ISEMC, Alexa, Sonoff, HUE Philips, Tplink, BACnet, TALQ, Copernicus, Protocol Buffer, IFC, XPDL, ...

Data Type Coverage 

•Point of Interest, IOT, shapes,..
•maps, orthomaps, GTFS, GIS WFS/WMS, GeoTiff, ...
•calibrated heatmaps, ..
•traffic flow, typical trends, ..
•trajectories, events, ..
•3D, BIM, Workflow, ..
•Dynamic icons/pins, ..
•OD Matrices, scenarios, ..
•prediction models, ….
•decision support, ….
•Synoptics, animations, ..
•social media, Routing, ..
•Satellite data, ..
•KPI, personal KPI,..