Snap4 is involved in the following activities

PAD - Predictive Analytics Dashboard

SNAP4 and ITAFERR are protagonists of OpenItaly by ELIS, the multi-corporate program promoted by the ELIS Consortium to promote Open Innovation between companies and #startup. SNAP4 supported ITAFERR in the co-innovation project proposed which aim to support the technological upgrade of the railway infrastructure via an effective solution for decision support.
A synergy that contributes to ecological and digital transition, feeding an open and inclusive ecosystem in the name of Open Innovation.

OPEN ITALY 2021 | Predictive Analytics Dashboard - PaD​ | Italferr - Snap4

EN.TE.R.PR.I.S.E. Project

SNAP4 is partner of the Regional project EN.TE.R.PR.I.S.E. (ENhanced TEchnological R&D of new PRoducts and Processes for Innovation, Smart factory and green Economy), funded under the POR CreO FESR Toscana 2014/2020 – Azione 1.1.5 – Sub-azione A1 – Bandi R&S 2020 “Progetti di ricerca e sviluppo” (Bando 1).

EN.TE.R.PR.I.S.E. is an advanced technological and development research project related to new products and processes for Innovation, Smart Factory (Industry 4.0) and the Green Economy.

In particular, the ENTERPRISE project is focused on 5 main research and development activities:

Project activities are related to:

Snap4Industry is the reference platform fo the data aggregation and analysis.

Partners: ALTAIR Chimica SPA (coordinator), X-Phase S.r.l., MTP S.r.l., Snap4 S.r.l.
Duration: 03/2021-12/2022
Project budget: € 2.998.416,55


SNAP4 is collaborating with ITALMATIC PRESSE AND STAMPI company in an activity related to the developement of a control and monitoring system which consists in the implementation of data acquisition processes from the various machines via OPC UA and other protocols (related to autoclaves and rubber presses), and performing data driven algorithms, the design of adaptive and intelligence processes, and prediction and anomaly detection algorithms. The activity is in collaboration with the DISIT Lab of the University of Florence, Department of Information Engineering.
The activiy if funded in the context of the Tuscany Region ALMA FLUIDA project (Research and Development of INNOVATIVE AUTOCLAVES with INTELLIGENT FLOWS: Fibrous and Thermoplastic Materials all-in-one) which has the aim to create a complex, innovative system of autoclave machine for the processing of new concept composite materials, mainly for the aerospace and aviation sector.


The Pretto Group is a company that works in the field of fleet management, intended as the sale but, above all, the life maintenance of entire fleets of electric vehicles. The target customers are mostly large private and public fleets of commercial vehicles. The commercial sector is mainly reffed to the waste management domain and, most recently, the world of "delivery".
Thanks to the support of SNAP4, the innovation in Pretto activity is designing an alternative maintenance process related to the preventive management of vehicles and to the design and implementation of a new system for monitoring and displaying the high-level variables relating to maintenance, used as a web application in the company control center.


Sustainability for the smart development of the territory around the Garda Lake.
Smart Garda Lake is a project that pursues a vision of smart land aimed at enhancing and promoting the Garda area in accordance with the sustainability objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda. A strategy that combines scientific research, technologies for the smart city and smart governance models to support administrations.
SNAP4 is providing and managing the technical infrastructure for data aggregation, management and data analytics and visualization that is hosted in public cloud (